How we can help

Our account managers are on hand to simplify your home life. Here’s a quick outline of some of our most popular services:


Destination Overviews – Travel Specialist Referrals – Villa & Chalet Rentals – Hotel Recommendations & Bookings – Activities & Cultural Guides – Restaurant Reservations – Itineraries – Flight Arrangements – Ground Transportation


Property Management and weekly checks, staff management and training, household inventories and operating manuals, Onsite Appointment Supervision for services and deliveries, Invoice Management for the monthly accounts, Routine Maintenance and larger renovations or decorating updates. 

General Assistance

Restaurants – Cultural Recommendations – Tickets – Administrative Assistance – Errand Running – Purchasing & Wrapping Presents


Event Concept – Venue Scouting – Budget Management – Production – Supplier Recommendations – Onsite Supervision 

Specialists Referrals

Health, Beauty & Fitness – Fashion – Pet Care – Interior Designers & Architects – Technology Specialists – Art Advisors – Medical Generalist & Specialist Recommendations – Educational Advisors