About Us

The Desk’s journey started in 2007 when Carole decided to leave the corporate world of FX and explore this new and exciting “concierge” market that she had been interested in for some time.

Carole, Warren and their 2 girls moved from the UK to SA and set up the business and Carole soon wondered why she hadn’t focused on this business sooner.

The most exhilarating part for Carole has and always will be, the relationships, friendships and happiness that have been the result of being involved in The Desk and just as importantly, the support that she has managed to give to Charities and communities who she holds very dear to her heart.

Lorretta left the hospitality industry and started working for The Desk back in 2009 and grew with the concierge family until she moved into Events & Coordination in 2012. Now 7 years later their paths once again crossed and indeed became one, when Lorretta took over the SA Branch with Carole managing their UK branch.

They have now combined both their companies and are looking forward to creating an even stronger brand, together.